5η συνάντηση των εταίρων του προγράμματος στη Μόντενα

The November 29th and 30th 5th Transnational Project Meeting in Modena was hosted by Doxee.

Digitalis project partners organized their 3rd progress meeting in Gödöllő, Hungary between 5-6 July, 2023.

During this online meeting, the partnership overviewed the project website and got familiar with its different functions and usage.

online meeting

The online partner meeting next in line went on in Zoom on September 29th, 2022 aiming at the closing steps of PR1 and launching of PR2.

Aims of the kick-off meeting was to get to know each-other (fields, activities, interest in the project), and overview the aims, objectives, work plan, outcomes of the project.