Within this project result, the e-learning platform for the online course to be delivered for informal caregivers was developed.

This PR results in: DIGITALIS Curriculum based on the dedicated co-creation approach of the project, in 3 languages (EN, GR, HU) and learning materials for the online course reviewed by experts in 3 languages.
This project result addresses the following needs: There is a huge market of the tele-care tools and applications offered for caring older adults, but the offers differ country-by-country. For developing a learning content and course relevant for informal carers, there is need for an overview on the digital existing tools and to make an adapted selection of them. There is no statistics (or only a few figures) on the level of digital skills of informal carers, especially because of the wide scale regarding their professional background. The same is true on the question how far they are aware and how far they are using digital tools in caring older adults.